Prevent Xamarin Forms SignaturePad Memory Leak on Android

Last year at a local conference I gave a talk on topic “Xamarin Forms Application Performance Through Memory Management”. One of the examples I presented was occurrence of memory leak when using Acr SignaturePad control, which caused Out of Memory exception on Android after 10-15 signings. In the meantime the control became obsolete as Xamarin introduced the new version of their SignaturePad control which now supports Xamarin.Forms. Unfortunately memory leak is still an open issue on GitHub that bothers many developers. The issue is deeply rooted in the way how Xamarin framework handles memory management. I highly recommend you to […]

Mobile Xamarin

Remotely controlled nightly memory cleanup on Android devices

Imagine you have an enterprise application running on hundreds or thousands of mobile devices in field. Your application is being used every day, and it is rarely being restarted (users prefer leaving the application in the foreground all the time). While we all tend to create applications that are memory responsible, the reality is that there would be memory leaks. With intensive usage of the application described in the example above, even small memory leaks would eventually cause the issues (application malfunctions or breaks). Our Android application is developed using Xamarin.Forms. Our server runs on Azure and exposes REST API […]