I’m Marko, a person behind a keyboard who is blogging for you the tales of web and cross-platform mobile development using the latest technologies.

I write code every day and I try to do it the right way. I like clean and efficient software architectures and I embrace agile methodology and continuous delivery processes. Occasionally I give talks at local conferences.

If I am not working, you will find me somewhere on the road. I’ve been to 4 continents and more than 25 countries. I love traveling and I use every opportunity to feel the trill of visiting new places.

I have more than 5 years of full-stack working experience in .NET ecosystem, and more than 3 years of active development in Xamarin Forms (literally from the day one).

You can expect me blogging about: Xamarin, ASP.NET, Azure, JavaScript, DevOps etc. A lot of topics to cover, too little coffee in the mug.